NWO Comenius grant for Marcelle Reneman

Marcelle Reneman has received the Comenius grant for the Street Law program. This program provides professional development for law students while they actively engage with the local population by teaching law to high school students.

The program will help law students to better understand subjects of law by teaching the high school students on law. In their seminars they will use interactive teaching methods, for example, discussions, role play and moot courts. Marcelle Reneman received 50.000 euro for this educational innovation. Reneman also became a member of the Comenius network of the KNAW.

The main focus of Street Law is the learning process of the students of law. They will provide for seminars on legal issues which the high school students are confronted with in their every day life. The idea is that the students of law will gain more knowledge on subjects of law and further develop their skills in research, creative and solution-orientated thinking, collaboration, communication and dealing with diversity. The students will set their own goals and reflect on their accomplishments during the program. They are provided with the opportunity to use their knowledge in a manner that benefits the local population. This results in a great and innovative education for high school students.

The Comenius grant for Street Law will be used to design, test and evaluate the program and to train the teachers and develop teaching materials. Street Law is a special form of Community Service Learning, which has already contributed to many positive experiences abroad.