The Migration and Diversity Centre (MDC), initiated in 2007 and rooted at the VU, is a cross disciplinary platform for professors, PhD candidates, and researchers to share and exchange research ideas and outcomes. The MDC actively pursues collaboration in migration and diversity research within the faculties of law, social sciences and arts, at the VU university as well as other international universities and research centres.


The MDC aims to contribute to new or more refined social, legal and historical theory, as well as to practical insights into the opportunities and challenges posed by diversity. Academics, scholars, and interested in the fields of integration and migration are welcome to attend the centre’s activities, which can be found advertised in our agenda or via the monthly newsletter.


The MDC is governed by a 5 member board and 3 coordinators. There are 78 members who are professors, PhD candidates, or researchers and additionally around 300 people from all over the world who subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Everyone involved with the MDC come from a multitude of disciplines, principally the faculties of Law, Art, and Social Sciences; the MDC are keen to expand to include further faculties.


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