The Migration Law Research Programme of VU University Amsterdam has initiated a visitors programme. As of 2011, foreign researchers have been welcome to stay with us for a period of a maximum of six months.

We offer:

  • a stimulating working environment, in a leading migration law research group
  • a work space, access to the University library, photocopying facilities etc
  • assistance of the law faculty’s international office in finding housing in Amsterdam

We expect:

  • participation in the research group’s activities
  • a presentation of the visitor’s research project
  • for visitors staying more than three months: one publication under the name of the Migration Law Research Programme
  • if possible, work with the Migration Law Clinic

Interested in our visiting program? Please do not hesitate to contact the coordinator of the program Jessica Klüger ().

If you are ready to apply, please send the following application materials:

  • Academic CV
  • Motivation letter that specifies:
    • why you would like to visit with the ACMRL;
    • which researcher you would like to work with while you are here;
    • the research project you will work on during your visit (article, chapter, dissertation generally etc.); and
    • the period of time for which you are applying.


Leila Faghfouri Azar University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) 11-23 01-24
Jonathan Kiessling University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany) 09-23 10-23
Aleksandra Jolkina Forum Transregionale Studien and Democracy Reporting International in Berlin (Germany) 04-23 06-23
Liberty Chee Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (Italy) 01-23 03-23
Ayse Güdük Ghent University (Belgium) 02-22 05-22
Ahmed El Sayed American University in Cairo (Egypt) 01-22 06-22
Eleonora Celoria University of Turin (Italy) 09-21 12-21
John Trajer European University Institute (Florence, Italy) 02-20 04-20
Andrea Grønningsæter Bergen University (Norway) 03-19 10-19
Matthew Hoye The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (Amsterdam) 07-18 09-18
Abdullah Hamidioglu Paris-Saclay University (France) 09-18 11-18
Yuval Livnat Tel Aviv University (Israel) 06-17 10-17
Jasmine Dawson University of Melbourne and Monash University (Australia) 01-17 04-17
Victor Merino Rovira and Virgili University of Tarragona (Catalonia-Spain) 10-16 01-17
Richa Kumar University of Kent / Brussels School of International Studies (UK/Belgium) and Radboud University (Netherlands) 08-16 04-17
Petra Sußner University of Vienna (Austria) 09-16 11-16
Emanuela Roman (PhD) Palermo University (Italy) 09-15 03-16
Ninna Nyberg Sørensen (professor) Danish Institute of International Studies 09-15 10-15
Deniz Akin (PhD) University of Trondheim (Norway) 02-15 04-15
Magdalena Kmak (lecturer) Helsinki University (Finland) 11-14 12-14
Iko Satu (professor) J.F. Oberlin University (Tokyo, Japan) 11-14 12-14
Lisa-Marie Komp (PhD) Bucerius Law School (Hamburg, Germany) 09-14 09-15
Sarah F. Brennan (PhD) Columbia University (USA) 04-14 08-14
Janna Weßels (PhD) University of Technology Sydney (joint degree with VU) 06-13 04-16
Robert F. Barsky (professor) Vanderbilt University (USA); KNAW visiting pofessor 05-13 08-14
Petra Sussner (PhD) University of Vienna (Austria) 01-13 02-13
Laura Tarvainen (PhD) University of Lapland (Finland) 01-13 07-13
Marie-Bénédicte Dembour (professor) Sussex University (UK) 12-12 08-13
Megan Gaucher (PhD) Queen’s University (Kingston Ontario, Canada) 05-11 07-11