The Migration Law Research Programme of VU University Amsterdam has initiated a visitors programme. As of 2011, foreign researchers have been welcome to stay with us for a period of a maximum of six months.

We offer:

  • a stimulating working environment, in a leading migration law research group
  • a work space, access to the University library, photocopying facilities etc
  • assistance of the law faculty’s international office in finding housing in Amsterdam

We expect:

  • participation in the research group’s activities
  • a presentation of the visitor’s research project
  • for visitors staying more than three months: one publication under the name of the Migration Law Research Programme
  • if possible, work with the Migration Law Clinic

Interested in our visiting program? Please do not hesitate to contact the coordinator of the program Jordan Dez (

If you are ready to apply, please send the following application materials:

  • Academic CV
  • Motivation letter that specifies:
    • why you would like to visit with the ACMRL;
    • which researcher you would like to work with while you are here;
    • the research project you will work on during your visit (article, chapter, dissertation generally etc.); and
    • the period of time for which you are applying.



Aleksandra Jolkina Forum Transregionale Studien and Democracy Reporting International in Berlin 04-23 06-23
Liberty Chee Ca’ Foscari University of Venice 01-23 03-23
Ayse Güdük Ghent University 02-22 05-22
Ahmed El Sayed Cairo, Egypt 01-22 06-22
Eleonora Celoria University of Turin 09-21 12-21
John Trajer European University Institute (Florence, Italy) 02-20 04-20
Andrea Grønningsæter Bergen University, Norway 03-19 10-19
Matthew Hoye The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, Amsterdam 07-18 09-18
Abdullah Hamidioglu Paris-Saclay University, France 09-18 11-18
Yuval Livnat Tel Aviv University (Israel) 06-17 10-17
Jasmine Dawson University of Melbourne and Monash University (Australia) 01-17 04-17
Victor Merino Rovira and Virgili University of Tarragona (Catalonia-Spain) 01-10-16 31-01-17
Richa Kumar University of Kent / Brussels School of International Studies (UK/Belgium) and Radboud University (The Netherlands) 08-16 04-17
Petra Sußner University of Vienna (Austria) 19-09-16 30-11-16
Emanuela Roman (PhD) Palermo University (Italy) 21-09-15 22-03-16
Ninna Nyberg Sørensen (professor) Danish Institute of International Studies 01-09-15 01-10-15
Deniz Akin (PhD) University of Trondheim (Norway) 01-02-15 01-04-15
Magdalena Kmak (lecturer) Helsinki University (Finland) 01-11-14 01-12-14
Iko Satu (professor) J.F. Oberlin University (Tokyo, Japan) 01-11-14 01-12-14
Lisa-Marie Komp (PhD) Bucerius Law School (Hamburg, Germany) 01-09-14 01-09-15
Sarah F. Brennan (PhD) Columbia University (USA) 03-04-14 15-08-14
Janna Weßels (PhD) University of Technology Sidney (joint degree with VU) 01-06-13 01-04-16
Robert F. Barsky (professor) Vanderbilt University (USA); KNAW visiting pofessor 25-05-13 01-08-14
Petra Sussner (PhD) University of Vienna (Austria) 21-01-13 15-02-13
Laura Tarvainen (PhD) University of Lapland (Finland) 01-01-13 01-07-13
Marie-Bénédicte Dembour (professor) Sussex University (UK) 01-12-12 01-08-13
Megan Gaucher (PhD) Queen’s University (Kingston Ontario, Canada) 01-05-11 01-07-11