The ACMRL warmly welcomes Leila Faghfouri Azar as a visiting researcher

Leila Faghfouri Azaris a lecturer in law and politics at PPLE College Amsterdam and a doctoral researcher in legal theory at the Paul Scholten Centre for Jurisprudence, University of Amsterdam. She holds an LLB in Jurisprudence and an LLM in International Human Rights Law from Iran, and broadened her horizons with a Master’s in Philosophy from Leiden University and postgraduate studies in Socio-Legal Theory at Oxford University.

Leila’s studies focus on critical legal theory, law and inequality, and law and violence, irregular migration, and human rights theory. In her current doctoral research, she examines how human rights laws in Europe create and sustain legal structures that allow for the exploitation and disposability of irregular migrant workers. Her research explores the foundations of these legal structures within the politico-economic logic of global capitalism. In doing so, she develops an alternative new legal-philosophical framework that promotes the right to work for irregular migrants, independent from their residency status.

During her visit to the ACMRL in November and December 2023, Leila will finalise her manuscript, offering valuable insights into migration and refugee law discussions. We look forward to sharing ideas and knowledge throughout her time as a visiting researcher.