Younous Arbaoui launches first edition of ‘Revue Hijra’

Revue Hijra [migration] is a Moroccan legal journal on migration and asylum law by l’association Clinique Juridique Hijra (CJH). The CJH was established in September 2015 by a group of young researchers and legal students in Tangier. The initial idea was to utilise the methodology of legal clinics, brought by Younous Arbaoui who is the CJH’s founder. The organisation has developed expertise in the field of migration and asylum law, particularly with regard to the asylum procedure in Morocco.The CJH quickly began to carry out other activities, aiming to promote academic research concerning migration and asylum. These activities include the publication of Revue Hijra, of which the first official edition was published in December 2021 with Younous Arbaoui as its editor in chief. This edition addresses the implementation indicators of the Marrakesh Compact for Migration.Besides Arbaoui’s editorial, the first publication of Revue Hijra contains reflections by Salaheddine Lemaizi (one of the engaged journalists in Morocco) as well as contributions by Elspeth Guild, Kees Groenendijk and others.The journal is in French with some contributions containing links to the English version. It is openly accessible here: