Welcoming Our New Colleague: Marijana Matosevic

ACMRL is happy to welcome Marijana Matosevic to our team at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Marijana holds a BA in Interdisciplinary American Studies from Tübingen University in Germany. Afterwards, she moved to the Netherlands, where she completed a pre-master and an MA in Philosophy of Contemporary Challenges at Tilburg University. Her MA thesis delved into the philosophy of migration and citizenship, with a particular focus on the work of Seyla Benhabib. Marijana further expanded her expertise by earning an LLB in Global Law from Tilburg University, seeking a robust legal foundation for her research on migration.

Her practical experience includes working at the Institute for Statelessness and Integration as a legal trainee in the legal team, specialising in statelessness and human rights. She has also served as secretary of the Human Rights Committee at Magister JFT and has been involved in various human rights initiatives.

With us, Marijana is embarking on a PhD that provides a legal-philosophical analysis of mobility in Europe through the figure of the tourist, juxtaposed with the asylum seeker. This research, supervised by Prof. Hemme Battjes and Dr. Martijn Stronks, aims to explore the regulation and political imagination of international mobility, highlighting the stark contrasts between the unrestricted freedom enjoyed by tourists and the constrained mobility faced by asylum seekers. Her work seeks to provide a comprehensive analysis of these two forms of contemporary global mobility.

We are happy to have Marijana join our team, as her research will significantly contribute to our understanding of migration law and philosophy.