Several contributions by ACMRL’s staff in the latest edition of Tijdschrift Asiel- & Migrantenrecht

The ACMRL is proud to announce that the new edition of the A&MR contains a variety of publications from our current PhD candidates, including:

– Mónica Ávila Currás: “Interventions of European States in other States’ ECtHR migration cases”
– Jessica Sarue Kluger: “Carving out a right to expel at the ECtHR”
– Isabella Leroy: “Refugee camps as distinct legal spaces”
– Jordan Dez: “Political rights of undocumented migrants”
– Greta Albertari: “The EU process of codification of measures eroding asylum law”
– Nina Fokkink: “Vaststelling van schijnrelaties en -huwelijken”
– Irma Lammers: “Emotie in het Nederlandse asielsysteem”
– Orcun Ulusoy: “Development of the Turkish migration policies”

The contributions provide a good overview of the research currently taking place at the ACMRL.

Additionally, Lieneke Slingenberg is interviewed on her appointment as Professor of Migrants and the Rule of Law at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. For more information as well as access to the papers and interview, see here.