Screening of “Purple Sea” on 21 March, 18:00!

In cooperation with the Migration and Diversity Centre (MDC), we will screen the documentary “Purple Sea” at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) next Tuesday, 21 March, from 18:00. The film documents how the director, Amel Alzakout, crossed the Mediterranean by boat with 300 other refugees to reach Europe.

Following the screening, we will have a panel discussion relating the film to the many ways in which not only the European Union, but also other states of the so-called “Global North” prevent the irregular entry of refugees and migrants. In this way, we seek to draw attention to the fact that existing legal and political structures induce refugees to board boats to cross the Mediterranean in order to reach the EU’s external borders in the first place.

The screening of “Purple Sea” marks the beginning of a series of migration-related films from all over the world which the MDC will screen at the VU Amsterdam in the coming months. The idea behind this initiative is to give cinematic expression to the fate of migrants in various places around the world to stimulate a dialogue about the structural background of these circumstances.

Prior registration is not necessary. We are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

·    Thomas Spijkerboer (VU Amsterdam)
·    Nebil Kusmallah (VU Amsterdam)