Students of the VU Master Specialisation International Migration and Refugee Law and other students interested in migration law are always looking for interesting, challenging and relevant topics for their master thesis. We regularly receives research or thesis ideas from professionals in the field of migration law. Therefore we have decided to launch a thesis platform where professionals can suggest thesis topics to master students.


The students

Students of the VU Master International Migration and Refugee Law write their thesis on a topic concerning international and/or European migration or refugee law. More than 50% of these students come from abroad and do not read or speak Dutch. These students can therefore not write about a topic which involves the (in-depth) examination of Dutch legislation, policy and/or case law. However they can for example write about the interpretation of EU legislation, case-law of the ECtHR or UN-bodies and/or do a comparison between the law in several (EU Member) States. The thesis platform will also be accessible to students from other master specialisations who indicate that they wish to write a thesis on migration law (eg Dutch Constitutional and Administrative law). These students may well be interested in a thesis topic which concerns Dutch migration law.


How does it work?

Professionals (such as lawyers and persons working for the Immigration service, courts, advisory bodies or NGO’s) fill in a form and send it to the Migration Law Section. The thesis coordinator of the Migration Law Section will place the topic on Blackboard, which is only accessible to the students of the VU. Students can look on Blackboard for interesting topics. If the students finds a topic s/he likes, s/he will inform the thesis coordinator. The thesis will be supervised by a teacher of the Migration Law Section. The thesis must be finalised within ten months after the choice for a topic has been made.


Thesis platform rules

In order to make the platform work properly the following rules apply:

  • The thesis coordinator can refuse a thesis topic if s/he thinks that the topic is not suitable for a master thesis.
  • We cannot guarantee that the suggested thesis topic will be chosen by a student.
  • All VU International Migration and Refugee Law students have access to the platform, irrespective of their grades. Professionals cannot request that only a very good student will write a thesis on their topic.
  • The professional who suggests a topic should be willing to discuss the topic with the student and/or give further explanations at the beginning of the writing process. It is up to the student and the professional to contact each other.
  • We do not guarantee that the thesis will be of good quality or will be delivered within a certain period of time.
  • The thesis supervisor and the second reader remain fully responsible for the grading of the thesis.


Contact us

Professionals who want to suggest a thesis topic need to fill out a form and send it to If you have questions related to the thesis platform, you can also send an email to