New student of IMRL: Jennifer Gryczka

Introducing Jennifer Gryczka

My name is Jennifer Gryczka and I am a recent law graduate from Glasgow, the United Kingdom.

Having studied law for the past four years, where I was largely subjected to traditional core subjects essential for entry into the legal system, I wanted to expand my legal knowledge by learning a completely new and challenging specialization. Upon discovering the VU’s IMRL master track, I knew it would be the perfect programme for me to undertake. I have always been interested in both international and European law, alongside the increasingly topical issue of migration, due to the heightened global changes in contemporary society. In the current political climate, it is extremely important to advocate a perspective which is entirely consistent with modern, cross border and human rights thinking. The possibility to partake in the Migration Law clinic therefore further confirmed my motivation to apply for this programme.

Having almost completed the master track I can state with confidence that the programme has consistently exceeded my prior expectations in all areas. The courses provide in depth content, addressing the complex interplays to which migration law is subjected, and are taught at an exceptional standard by specialists in the field. Discussions are continually enriched by international perspectives, which enable the specialization to provide an indisputably valuable learning experience, developing knowledge from a multitude of angles.

After graduation I plan to stay in Amsterdam and hopefully find a related internship so I can put my knowledge of migration law to practical use.