Hemme Battjes shared his expertise on Dutch asylum plans in an interview with Een Vandaag

In an interview with Een Vandaag, Hemme Battjes shared his expertise on Dutch asylum plans.

The interview explored the complexities surrounding the asylum policies proposed during the coalition negotiations. Entitled “Asielplannen van formerende partijen zijn niet realistisch, zegt migratie-expert: ‘Praktisch erg ingewikkeld'”, the interview provided valuable insights into the feasibility of the migration policies proposed by Dutch political parties. Battjes offered a critical analysis, highlighting the practical challenges and legal implications of these proposals. The interview covered various aspects, including the potential implementation of an asylum stop, amendments to the Refugee Convention, and the viability of an asylum quota.

Please click here to access the interview as article and video (in dutch): https://eenvandaag.avrotros.nl/item/asielplannen-van-formerende-partijen-zijn-niet-realistisch-zegt-migratie-expert-praktisch-erg-ingewikkeld/