VU Amsterdam

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Ever since it was founded in 1880, VU Amsterdam has been known for its distinctive approach to knowledge. VU is an open organization, strongly linked to people and society. What matters is not just the acquisition of a greater depth of knowledge, but also a wider one. We ask and expect our students, researchers, PhD candidates and employees to look further – to look further than their own interests and their own field, and further than what is familiar and further than the here and now.


VU Amsterdam Law

Faculty of Law

Established in 1880 as one of the three constituent faculties, the Faculty of Law has been at the forefront of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam’s mission of societal development and spirit of public service. Amongst our alumni are a number of prime-ministers and senior judges, most prominently Peter Kooijmans, minister of State and Justice in the International Court of Justice (ICJ), to who our research institute is named after: Kooijmans Institute for Law and Governance. This research institute consists of eight research programmes. It is also home to many of our excellent researchers. Law at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is studied in an interdisciplinary and international context. We believe this is the only way to prepare our students for challenges in fast-changing society. We offer a broad selection of Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes as well as a variety of post-academic courses hosted by our VU Law Academy. We are happy to host academics from around the world and help them advance their academic career through our Fellowship Programme.