New student of IMRL: Greta

Introducing Greta

I am Greta, an Italian student interested in the multifaceted subject of migration law, and particularly asylum law. This interest began during my interdisciplinary bachelor in Global Governance, where I was exposed to many of the interconnected issues our globalized societies are currently facing. In those years, I had the chance to work in a reception center for asylum seekers in the north of Italy, which triggered my curiosity as to the way in which immigration to our ‘Fortress Europe’ is regulated and managed.

I hope, with this master, to improve my understanding of the multilayered and complex framework of migration law and to be able, in the future, to play an active role in this system from a competent and expert perspective. I am confident that the academic as well as practical knowledge that I will acquire during this year will allow me to achieve this goal.  
It has only been two months since we started the program, but the diversified background of my classmates, the competence of professors and the interest we all share for the topics addressed, make of every class an incredibly enriching occasion for discussion and self-improvement.