Apply for our Master Specialization (LLM) International Migration and Refugee Law

The corona crisis has a severe impact on international mobility, with general travel restrictions and grave limitations on asylum and family reunion. It is unclear what effects of the crisis will be temporary and which measures will remain. Clearly this is a time which needs good migration lawyers.

Apply for our Master specialization (LLM) International Migration and Refugee Law!

The application deadline for students from the EU/EEA is 15 July (start in September 2020) or 1 January (start in February 2021) and for students from outside Europe 1 November (start in February 2021).

Our teaching will be provided online in September and October 2020. In this period, we hope to be able to organize small tutorgroup meetings on campus for students who can be in Amsterdam (for others we will do that online).

As from November 2020 we hope to be able to provide more teaching activities on campus, but we will continue with providing online teaching until the 1st of January 2021 for students who cannot come to Amsterdam due to COVID19 related reasons.

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