Alumni: Ludovica Gualtieri

An interview with: Ludovica Gualtieri

I’m Ludovica Gualtieri, a political science graduate from Rome, Italy. I developed a deep interest and passion for the topic of migration since my first years at university. I have always tried to deepen my knowledge of the subject by analyzing the different aspects characterizing the phenomenon both during my studies and professional path.

I work as Asylum Officer in the Asylum Commission of the Italian Ministry of the Interior, the appointed board for the evaluation of the asylum applications. My job consists in conducting interviews to the applicants and to analyze their claim, personal profile and vulnerabilities in order to assess their eligibility for the international protection.
I think this is an amazing as well as unique job. Not only it made me aware of the fundamental importance of international protection and its procedure, but it also allows me to have a direct perception of the human aspect of this topic as well as of the dynamics of migration.
It is also giving me the opportunity to grow as a professional as well as a person.

The preparation I gained through the IMRL master was essential to me, as in my case it was basically tailormade. I gained an excellent insight of international and European refugee law, being able to assess and discuss the issues from both migration law and human rights law perspective, as well as to analyze and do research on complex asylum cases. Not only it was crucial in the recruitment process, but the knowledge I acquired on the EU and international law and case law is still a solid basis I use every day in the evaluation of asylum applications.

Working for the Migration Law Clinic was one of best experiences in this master. It gave me the opportunity to cooperate with professional law firm in the context of relevant asylum and migration cases. Teamworking is also an amazing aspect of the Clinic, I had fun and I learnt a lot from the students I worked with.

My goal is to evolve professionally in the field of asylum and migration. After consolidating my experience in as Asylum Officer, I would like to work in this area at EU level, ideally for EASO or the EU Commission.

My advise is to do your best and always keep in mind that if your goal is to work in the field of migration and asylum, this is the master for you. Good luck!