A new study association: IMSO

This year, a few students of the IMRL Master Track set up a study association that is solely dedicated to migration and human rights issues. The association is called IMSO, which stands for ‘International Migration Student Organisation’. The main objective of the association is to provide information on migration-related phenomena, raise awareness for such issues and start a discussion about these topics. The IMSO wants to create an extensive network of new students, Alumni, professionals, activists and academics. They wish to establish a platform that could offer possibilities for students and others to realize or promote their projects related to migration and human rights issues. Lectures, movie screenings and more will be organized by them.

If you are interested in IMSO, have any questions or if you want to share projects/events of whatsoever with the study association, please do not hesitate to contact IMSO: IMSO.contact@gmail.com. You can also check out their website or Facebook page.