Alumni: Jordan Dez

Introducing Alumni Jordan Dez

My name is Jordan Dez. I come from the US, where I was working as an attorney of private international law and migration law before coming to the Netherlands.

I knew when I started practicing law that my ultimate goal was academia. When I started looking for LLM programs, this program really stood out for me. I enjoyed my migration law work the most and have also worked as a social service provider to migrants in the US. I was headed already to global migration as a specialty, and this program helped me solidify that.

I was first impressed by the friendliness and collegiality of my professors and the students. Second, I was impressed about how little I knew about EU law and European human rights law!

I have now finished the LLM. Coming into the experience I was hoping to learn more about compliance of the United States immigration law with international human rights law. This was a central inquiry of my Master’s Thesis, making it a very productive learning experience.

The LLM has really positioned me well for the next step in my career. Since graduating I have decided to stay in the Netherlands. Soon after my LLM graduation I started freelancing as a US immigration attorney and migration consultant. I also developed a PhD research proposal in collaboration with the VU Migration Law Section. I recently learned that the proposal was selected for funding in an internal PhD funding round at the VU Faculty of Law! My research is an empirical legal study that brings together political theory on rights-claiming with international human rights law to map the role irregular migrants in US and Europe play in developing human rights law. I will begin working as a PhD researcher this summer and continue freelancing on the side.