Third Sarah van Walsum-lecture: Audrey Macklin

Lecture 8 September 2017: Audrey Macklin


Resettler Society: Making and Remaking Citizenship Through Private Refugee Sponsorship


In her lecture Audrey Macklin introduces her research about private sponsorship of refugees. The overarching question driving the inquiry is this: how does making refugees into citizens remake the the citizenship of sponosrs? The lecture focusses on those aspects that touch on the confluence of family and state.  In her work Macklin embarks on empirical research to explore private refugee sponsorship from the perspective of sponsors, using a combination of surveys, focus groups and interviews. The research draws on three theoretical resources for conceptualizing private refugee sponsorship: cosmopolitanism as motive, privatization as mode, and active citizenship as effect.


Audrey Macklin is Director of the Centre for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies and Chair in Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto. She holds law degrees from Yale and Toronto, and a bachelor of science degree from Alberta. After graduating from Toronto, she served as law clerk to Mme Justice Bertha Wilson at the Supreme Court of Canada. She was appointed to the faculty of Dalhousie Law School in 1991, promoted to Associate Professor 1998, moved to the University of Toronto in 2000, and became a full professor in 2009. While teaching at Dalhousie, she also served as a member of the Immigration and Refugee Board.

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